Creative Study


We create flyers, catalogs, calendars, etc. We invite you to cooperation!


Are you looking for inspiration for your apartment? You've come to the right place!

Tailoring services


We manufacture our hand-made products such as pillows, seat covers, yarn rugs, crochet and knitted clothes. We invite you to cooperation!

incredible wooden works


We create works fired in wood, on various topics. Also for a gift.

Web design

We design web sites for companies. send your offer on the Internet in a modern way. all our projects are fully responsive and displayed correctly on mobile devices.

optimization and positioning of websites.


We guarantee high positions in search engines. we will optimize the page to display it quickly and efficiently.

About us

We are a creative studio, we passionately create works on various topics and techniques. Mail ranging from brochures, graphics, illustrations, seat covers, to drawings, knitting and crochet, sketches and interior design.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products and if you are interested in our offer, please contact us to discuss the details of cooperation.

Computer graphics

illustations, directories, flyers, websites, graphics

Having a website, blog, portfolio or company website has become a standard nowadays, it is no longer a special promotional product, but an indispensable medium for everyone.


pyrography is the art of "writing with fire"

It is a technique of transferring your own thoughts, visions, ideas and reflections onto wood with a wood burner. In other words, pyrography is the art of "writing with fire". The works we offer in this technique can stand the test of time.

Manual works

crocheting, beading, embroidering, knitting

This department deals, among other things, with interior design, beautifying and making the surroundings pleasant. We are characterized by ingenuity and originality, we want to surprise anyone who is looking for something new and unique or a special gift.

Design is own passion

We create with passion! Thanks to the experience and many years of work, our website and the services offered on it were created. Over time, our workshop grew with new elements, which also became our passion. We created this website out of the heart’s need and to bring a lot of joy to others who would like to give their loved ones, but also other ones, extraordinary gifts. Today we would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, visit our gallery. We would like to offer you fruitful cooperation.


Contact us now!.